Spiritual Direction Focuses On Providing The Skills To Help With:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with God
  • Become more present to your own relationship with God through reflection and prayer
  • Learn how to enrich your daily life through spiritual direction
  • Find understanding, encouragement and affirmation

Spiritual Direction is a form of spiritual counseling that focuses on a person’s relationship with God–on a person’s prayer life, in other words. If prayer is defined as a conscious relationship with God, then you will talk with a spiritual director about what happens when you are conscious of God. It’s as simple and as profound as that.

Spiritual Direction is for anyone who wants help in developing a more conscious relationship with God, and for helping you notice how God is at work in your life.

Spiritual Directors are men and women who receive formal training in the spiritual life, human development, theology, scripture as well as supervision in the ministry of spiritual direction. Put simply, they assist you in hearing and trusting your inner wisdom (the place where God is with you) and responding to that presence.

Frequency of meetings will be determined mutually after initial meeting, usually for an hour once a month.

As a general rule, you should give according to your means. The suggested donation is $25 – $75. No one should deprive themselves of spiritual direction because of the lack of funds.



Spiritual Directions Staff

Deacon Ben LoCasto


Sister Beatrice Ste. Marie

(Only available during selected retreats)

Father Daniel Renaud, OMI


Elizabeth Percy


Gina Raymond


Kathy McNamara


Father Roger Couture, OMI


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