Recovery Retreats Focus On Providing The Skills To Help With:

  • Strength And Hope: Share stories with recovering peers and family members to over come challenges
  • Heal And Rebuild: Learn how to heal and rebuild your relationships 
  • Promote Spiritual & Individual Growth: Heal addiction, identify destructive behaviors and learn how to take control through prayer
  • Share In Prayer And Reflection: Help further along your spiritual path to recovery

Our recovery retreats provide spiritual, strength and hope for recovering addicts through prayer, reflection and peer support to help recovering addicts stay clean and to continue to better themselves.

Upcoming Recovery Retreats

Our Recovery Retreat Programs

Matt Talbot Retreats for Men and Women

A retreat that brings together recovering alcoholics in a setting that promotes prayer, reflection and the sharing of one’s experience, strength and hope with others in recovery. Matt Talbot, an unskilled Irish Catholic laborer is revered by many as a patron for alcoholics.

Dan Egan Retreats

The Dan Egan Retreat is a spiritual tool, to help individuals recovering from drug addiction. Started by the late Franciscan Friar Dan Egan of Graymoor, NY its objective is to help recovering addicts stay clean and  to build a spiritual base for their continuing recovery.  This Retreat is Not an “In- House” Retreat. To register contact Immaculata Retreat House for  information.

M.A./ R.I. Recovery Retreat  ( Massachusetts/ Rhode Island)

Retreats are a vital part of recovery. They allow for a deeper experience of God, fellowship and help move to higher level of overall spiritual and mental health. Retreats are ideal to let go of past wounds in a safe environment provided by trusted facilitators. These facilitators along with other fellow individuals in recovery will help with issues of trust and assist in building self-acceptance and reliance on others and God in order to grow in sobriety.

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