The Oblate Charism: Vowed Life

Our mission requires that, in a radical way, we follow Jesus who was chaste and poor and who redeemed the world by his obedience. That is why, through a gift of the Father, we choose the way of the evangelical counsels.

(Oblate Constitutions and Rules, C12)

In following Christ, each Oblate strives to place his total self at the Savior’s disposal. Our vows witness to consecration to God, service to the Church, and sign to the world.


The Oblate responds to a special invitation from Christ, to choose celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom. We choose celibacy as a liberating challenge: a challenge to free ourselves for a love which reaches out to everyone, and a challenge to the tendency to possess and use others for selfish purposes. The choice to remain celibate and to live chastely calls us to develop the riches of the heart. It is an affirmation of life and love.


We follow a Master who became poor for our sake and who calls us to choose poverty.

Our choice compels us to enter into closer communion with Jesus and with the poor, to contest the excesses of power and wealth, and to proclaim the coming of a new world freed from selfishness and open to sharing.

We hold all things in common, adopting a simple lifestyle. By our vow, we commit ourselves to a life of voluntary poverty. We renounce the right to use and to dispose, on our own authority, anything of monetary value.


Called to follow Christ, we listen attentively to the Father’s voice so that we may spend ourselves without reserve to accomplish his plan of salvation. By obedience we become the servants of all. Our obedience challenges the spirit of domination and is a sign of a new world wherein persons recognize their close interdependence. Our work makes us dependent on others in many ways. It requires real detachment from our own will and a deep sense of the Church. We conform our lives and missionary activities to the Rule.



The Holy Spirit inspires all Christians to constancy in their love. The same Spirit develops in us a close attachment to the Congregation. Our perseverance is thus a sign of Christ’s fidelity to the Father. We will help each other find joy and fulfillment in our community life and in our apostolate, supporting one another in our resolution to be faithful to the Congregation regardless of any temptation to withdraw from it. In the vow of perseverance, we publicly attest to our attachment to our religious family and our definitive commitment to its mission.