Here at Immaculata Retreat House, we seek to foster the spiritual lives of those with whom and for whom they work.

What greater good can there be than to draw souls closer to our Lord?

One of the ways that we seek to draw souls closer to our Lord is through our involvement with various ongoing programs throughout the year.

These programs are designed to gather people together from different walks of life to share and enjoy times of fellowship, study, and service.

Our Community Events


Day on the Hill

Renewal, Rest & Contemplative Reflection

Take a breath for yourself. Relax, Reflect & Refresh. Join us here on the first Wednesday of each month for a day of just “you”. Take a walk on our trails, sit on the stone wall, read a book or sit and relax the mind’s stress that are carried and release them for a quiet & tranquil personal day off. We welcome you to come up to the hill to spend your personal day for yourself.

Caregivers & Caregiving Workshop

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – St. Francis of Assisi

A team of experienced Care Givers will present a day of interactive praise & rejoicing. Please join us. The program will encourage Spiritual expression through music, creative hand-on projects & biblical readings & moments of prayer plus a delicious noon meal. This retreat is specifically designed for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities & those who serve them.