French Retreats Focus On Providing The Skills To Help With:

  • Communication: Appreciating our French ancestry and culture
  • God’s Will For Us: Living our call to holiness
  • Insights: Scriptural reflections and devotions and theology
  • Renewing: Growing through forgiving
  • Sacred Space: Embracing our oneness
  • Tools: Prayers, silence, improving our relationship

Upcoming French Retreats

Retreats usually begin at 7:00pm- a welcome orientation will be given at 8:00pm followed by a prayer service in Chapel to open retreat. Mass of the Blessed Virgin on Saturday at 7:30am followed by breakfast.

After lunch, Oblate staff will be available for prayer, discussion or the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The afternoons activities will conclude with a time of prayer, before the exposed Blessed Sacrament in our Chapel. On Saturday evening we will have an exercise in divine reading lead by one of our staff. The last conference will be given on Sunday morning followed by the Eucharist at 11:00am. The retreat ends after lunch at noon.

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