A team of experienced Care Givers will present a day of interactive praise and rejoicing. Please join us.

The program will encourage Spiritual expression through music, creative hand-on projects and biblical readings and moments of prayer plus a delicious noon meal.

This retreat is specifically designed for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and those who serve them.

 Participants must be 18 years of age or older and be accompanied by staff, friend or assisting family member able to help with personal needs throughout the day.


Using the image of driving a vehicle, the conferences will focus on Health, Holiness, Happiness and Humility: the four tires of a spiritual vehicle.

If even one of the four goes flat, the other three will have difficulty getting the vehicle (one’s self) anywhere.

Taking care of all four tires: checking the tread, making sure they are pumped up to the right pressure, etc. is what makes the spiritual journey possible.

Share faith and self-expression in a supportive and accepting environment. Experience and reflect on the integrity and inherent dignity of all who serve and are being served.

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